Course Name:   IWFC Rotary Drilling Well Control Training And Certification
Duration:           5 Days (Includes one day for IWCF examination)
For:                      Driller Level (Drillers, Assistant Driller,Mud Engineer) Supervisor Level (Drilling Superintendents, Drilling Engineers, Drilling Supervisors)


* Well Control Management
* Origins of Pressure
* Primary Well Control
* Dynamic Wellbore Pressures
* Causes of Kicks
* Blowout Prevention and well Control Equipment
* Kick Warning Signs
* Diverting Shallow Gas Kicks
* Shut-in Procedures
* Well Control Methods

* Deviated Well Control
* Handling on-bottom Kicks
* Handling off-bottom kicks
* Stripping Operations (Supervisor only)
* Handling Kicks Well out of the Hole (Supervisor only)
* Handling Kicks in Special Situation (Supervisor only)
* Downhole and Equipment Problem During Well control
* Simulator Assessment

Course Name:       IWFC Well CAP Training And Certification
Duration:                    5 Days (Includes one day for IWCF examination) 2 Days for  Introductory Level
For:                                     Introductory Level, Fundamental Level and  Supervisory Level


* Completion and Down hole equipments
* Down hole pressure and Volume Calculations
* Killing Methods and Well Control Technique
* Wire line Intervention
* Coil Tubing Intervention
* Snubbing Intervention

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