Drilling & Well Planning

Primary control of the well is achieved by controlling the density of the drilling fluid to prevent influxes. Well planning is the crucial first stage of well control and must be performed prior to spud. As a drilling contractor, GlobalSantaFe is not normally involved in the well planning stage. Our position (as rig owner or as a major contractor on a platform) requires careful analysis of the wellprogram to ensure the safety of our p ersonnel and equipment. When planning a drilling well, a workover or the reentry of an abandoned well, there are several obvious but very important well, rig, equipment and crew characteristics which should be determined, decided on and/or prepared for. So our team had a highly experienced instructor regarding Drilling and Well planning. Some of the Topic included in the course are:

  • Predicted Formation/Potential Surface Pressures
  • Mud Program In Terms Of Primary Well Control
  • Elastomer (Rubber Goods) Design
  • Hydrate Formation Potential
  • Deepwater Well Control
  • H2S Potential
  • Casing Design
  • Cementing Program
  • Well Control Program For Each Section Of The Hole
  • Specialized Training Needs
  • Non-Standard Wells
  • Shallow Gas Site Survey





























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