Our Team

As a group we have team of P. ENG and Aset member technologist

Drilling & well planning:
• Well site Supervision & Consultant training.
• Well planning.
• Mud engineering.
• Directional work and tools.
• HPHT Consulting and Well site supervision.
• Shale gas drilling.
• CBM.
• Farm in laisioning for Coil tubing, Drilling rigs and Workover rigs.
• Fracking Nitrogen Services Pipeline Management.

Completion & workover:
•    Completion design for heavy oil.
•    Production Optimization.
•    Artificial lift design Including gas lift, rod
pumps, ESP & PCP pumps.
•    Side tracking & re-entry work.
Reservoir Engineering consulting:
•    Crude estimation using Material Balance
•    Reservoir drive Consulting.

Tools & equipment:
•    Drilling tools Mud motors, MWD /LWD
Tools, PDC drill bits.

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